The Highlands Guest House, Zastron

On my recent tour around South Africa, I stayed over at a lovely Guesthouse in Zastron. The people were so friendly and hospitable and the place is just amazing. I am planning to go back later in the year to do a full Virtual Tour, but here is a Virtual tour of the outside of the house and the immediate environment.


Visit them at 31 Meyer Street, Zastron

contact Sarieta for bookings and enquiries:

Phone: 051-673 1557

Fax: 051-673 1557



In the Virtual Tour, click on the arrows to move between Memory Bubbles and look for the “i” Icon to go to the guest house’s Website.

If you click on the planet icon on the left hand side of the tour, a map with the location that will open up and display a radar that reveals the direction that you are looking in the Panorama. In the left is a tab that you can click open a tab t hat lists all the memory bubbles that the virtual tour consists of. You can jump to any one of them by clicking on a thumbnail. On the top right corner of the Virtual tour, you will see a dropdown list taht contains the names of all the Memory Bubbles in teh tour. Click on one and it will take you to the specific Memory Bubble.