Lerisca spent some time with us in the studio, and we really had a great portrait session.

Personality trumps everything, and it is does come out in photographs as well.

This image can also be found at 500px at https://500px.com/photo/242488753

Photoshoot with Shae

Photoshoot with Shae

The studio is nearly ready for opening. In the mean time we have also been staying busy and have done several portrait sessions over the last week.

While the Studio is still taking shape, 95% is now done, and the studio is already fully functional and the bookings are coming in even before the opening. Continue reading

Vlog shoot and Studio photos for Tiziana

We had a fantastic session today in the studio.

We first recorded footage for a video for Tiziana Burtone for her YouTube Channel. Once she has uploaded it and it is live, I will share it with the visitors to this page. Videos do take a bit of time to shoot and edit but in some ways it is more satisfying than taking a photo. This is especially if you are doing a Vlog-type shoot. You have to give much more attention to certain aspects because editing is much more time-consuming that a photoshoot. It is much quicker and easier to do work on a photo in post production.

A Headshot for Tiziana.

As a photographer it is very important for me to get the photo right because as a commercial photographer, all the time I spend on editing, is income lost. The same is applicable to videography. The factors influencing the final product are compounded because where with a photo, you have one frame, you have 25 frames per second of footage that you are creating. You also have sound. Sound can make or break a production – that is one of the reasons I don’t particularly like doing videos of wedding. Too many wild-cards and too many things that can and will go wrong on the day.

Then we also did a quick photoshoot for her profile and blog. As the video footage we have shot is for casual, informal Vlog, the look in the photos are also casual. We wanted to present a bit of a playful side, and Tiziana was dressed casually. We also tried to represent that side with her hair taken back – no fancy hairdos or makeup, but active Tiziana doing exercises and representing that in the photos accompanying the video.

First test shot from studio

I am really quite happy. There are still some wiring and other work that has to be done in the studio, but i did a few test shots today with my son, Dante, and am quite happy with the result.

First test shot in the Studio is good. We rigged the Octabox up and took a single light shot . Nice.

Van Zyl Studios to open new studio in Kempton Park

Van Zyl Studios to open new studio in Kempton Park

Exciting news is that Van Zyl Studios, is planning on opening a new Photography studio in Van Riebeeck Park in kempton Park on the 1st of October 2017.

The establishment of a Commercial Photography and Video studio has been in the pipeline for many years as the time taken to set up field studios has become expensive and ineffective. This means that Van Zyl Studios will become more accessible to a wider clientele.

The lease has not been signed yet, so we cannot announce the address yet, but the space we are looking at will be around 100 Square Meters and will have a reception area, makeup/cloakroom area for outfit changes and makeup, a technical area for editing and large studio space that can accommodate most scenarios.

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