Virtual Tours and Memory Bubbles or 360 degree panoramas

Virtual Tours and Memory Bubbles or 360 degree panoramas

At, we can produce Panoramas, 360 Degree Panoramas, Memory Bubbles, Gigapixel Panoramas and Virtual tours – depending on your requirements.


Panoramas are photos that cover an area wider that you would conventionally be able to take with a single photo. The creation of panoramas is not a new thing and even since early days of photography, photographers have added together multiple photos to show a wider aspect of an environment in order to give a better idea of how we perceive it when we are there. With the advent of digital photography, this has become a lot easier with stitching applications removing some of the limitations that we encountered in the old days of film.

360 Degree Panoramas

A 360 degree panorama is a panorama where the ends meet up. So if you have the correct software, you can look all the way around you to see exactly what the complete environment looked like at the time that the photo was taken.

Memory Bubbles

A Memory Bubble goes further that a 360 degree panorama and is a complete 360 x 180 degree photo composition which allows you to look all around you like in a 360 degree panorama as well as up at the sky and down at the ground and have one continuous view of everything around the photographer. A memory bubble can be made on the ground, but can also be created in the air as an aerial view, or under water to create an underwater seascape.

Gigapixel Panoramas and Memory Bubbles

A Gigapixel Panorama or Memory Bubble takes the resolution of a Panorama or Memory Bubble to an extreme and allows you to focus into the finest details. These are normally taken by hiresolution cameras with telephoto lens and in some cases consists of many thousands of photos composited into one panorama or Memory Bubble.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a combination of media and normally consists of multiple Memory Bubbles and providing “hotspots” in each to provide more information, play videos, load 3D objects, or move to another Memory Bubble. This then comprises a virtual tour which allows you to let your customers and potential customers experience more of your Shop, Venue, Landmark, Museum, Guest House, Hotel or House that is for sale. This means that people who might otherwise not have made use of your facilities can get an idea of what you are doing and so create more business for you.

This is a brilliant marketing tool and goes way beyond just taking photos. At, we have a team of skilled photographers, videographers and technologists who have the unique combination of skills to create, generate and integrate these virtual tours into your website or alternatively create a unique website for your business and even host it of required.

Click on the Continue Reading Link below to see a simple Virtual tour consisting of four Memory Bubbles of Fort Klapperkop outside Pretoria. This will allow you to get a better idea of the quality we produce as well as allow some insight into the possibilities that this technology offers you.

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