Kempton Park Studio progress

Kempton Park Studio progress

The new studio is showing some progress.

The initial layout will be reasonably straight-forward with a large open space for the dtudio of around 60 sq meters in the front of the studio and an equipment room and a makeup/changeroom with a wc in the back.

The colour scheme is a dark grey with a brownish tinge and white. The idea is for walls to double as backdrops.

The studio is being painted. The long wall on the right will be admin space and the left wall and back wall will be the studio area. We have a high ceiling and in the back the door leads to the dressing room, restroom, kitchen and equipment room.

The consulting area will be in the front with artworks on the walls, a place to relax and talk business.

today the painting was completed now we are awaiting the fitment of the alarm system and then we can start with gearing up the studio.

the artwork for the front Window is in progress and Danté has created our logo.

We have opted for white on black and black on white variants.

The logo symbolized a camera with the lens formed by a G (for Gideon). And vZ for Van Zyl.

I will bring you up to date with more blog entries over tge next few days.

Thank you for taking the time to join us on our journey.