Photoshoot with Shae

Photoshoot with Shae

The studio is nearly ready for opening. In the mean time we have also been staying busy and have done several portrait sessions over the last week.

While the Studio is still taking shape, 95% is now done, and the studio is already fully functional and the bookings are coming in even before the opening.This does mean that we have to do a bit of a balancing act for time with the timelines we have for opening, but we should be 99% ready by Sunday.

We have not only been having un, but have created some workspaces, and have mounted a chain-driven multi-backdrop bracket as well. I mounted it yesterday, but then realized that I have a slight dilemma.  I worked on 2.82 meter, had PVC piping cut to that length for the supports, ad then proceeded to mount the brackets based on the length of the backdrop support I use for the vinyl backdrop.

When I started fitting the backdrops on the brackets and the Vinyl backdrop went fine. When mounting the first cotton backdrop, i however came to realize that the backdrop was 10 cm wider than anticipated and the support pipes were not strong enough. Now I will have to first go and find some stronger material for the backdrop support pipes and then decide if I replace the pipe for the vinyl backdrop with a new one and move the brackets, or if I have the backdrops trimmed to fit the existing backdrop support. I guess it will depend on the cost of the aluminium pipes I need vs the cost of trimming the backdrops. If 1 pipe is more expensive than trimming and seaming, I go with the trimming and seaming.



Another unexpected challenge is that my printer has decided that it is not too happy with me. I have a high-quality HP photo printer I bought about two years ago, but the cartridges ran out at a point so I stopped using it for about 3 months while I put together the R 2000 odd for the XL cartridges I wanted. On Saturday I bought he new cartridges and guess what – the print head is all clogged up from standing. So I tried to clean it and now it is giving an error on the black cartridge. So repairs or maybe time to move to Canon. If I did not spend the R 2000 on cartridges I could have added just a bit and had a perfectly great new photo printer.

I also worked on creating some samples for the shop and I will order them today from the repo shop. Hopefully they will be ready by Sunday, but I am glad I waited to finish the shoot for Shae on Saturday. I really like teh results we got.

If you would like to book a Portrait Session please call during office hours to make a booking.