Virtual Tour of Blink Shop

Virtual Tour of Blink Shop

Here is the basic tour we have created for Blink as a demonstration of of some of the possibilities for presenting products.

On your righthand you will see a map that shows the location of the shop. You can zoom in, change the view to streetmap, hybrid or sattelite view. Thi sis a fully functional map that can show virtually any location on earth. There is a little radar at the location that show the orientation within the shop. Between the map and the Virtual tour/memory bubble is a little icon that you can click on that will close the map and give you the full panorama view

Look around in the shop and ride the mouse cursor over the shelves. You will see a comment that tags the product what is contained in the shelf.

If you click on the shelf, a 3D product object will be loaded in a new window that presents the product that is contained in the shelf. The object will spin once. Ince it has completed the spin, you will see a hotspot on the front of the object. If you click on the hotspot, a description of the object will appear. This can be a HTML tag, an external website of pricelist can open, of a closeup shot of the specific area or something that the object contains can be presented. In this case, the object is reasonably simple. Blick the mouse or press your finger on the object and drag it around – it will twirl around so that you can study it from any angle.

Play around and explore! It is fun :).