Day 1 of the Great Fall Phototour – Virtual Tour

Day 1 of the Great Fall Phototour – Virtual Tour

The Great Fall Phototour is finally over, and it has sure been fun. Over the next few days we will post panoramas, Virtual Tours, and many, many Photos.


So let’s start with Day 1.

We started early on the morning of Day 1 leaving Kempton Park at 5 the morning. We stopped for fuel at Villiers, and then turned off towards Frankfort. First stop was just before the town, and After breakfast I took the First Panorama of the tour.

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Next stop was Clarens. I planned quite a bit of work in Clarens, but unfortunately for me, there was a Mountain Bike event, which left this normally peaceful town in chaos. I hunted around for breakfast and eventually found a spot on the edges of town where it was not quite as busy. So I drove out of town and found the spot for the next panorama. It was a spot a few kilometers outside town, with quite a view. The day was clear and bright and the weather was fine, so I took my time and when ready continued on the journey.

My planning was to stop reasonably early and stay over in a gues thouse close to Reitz. I however made such good progress that I decided to drive till fourish the afternoon and then find a spot to stay.

I finally reached Zastron where I stayed in a wonderful old home called the The Highlands Guesthouse. The evening was spent visiting with the Manager and her husband. I did fit some nightshots in as well, and will share that as part of the Day 1 slideshow. I will tell more about this wonderful place in the next update.


Here is the Virtual Tour I made of Day one. Please have a look, and feel free to comment.