Zandvlakte Farm Virtual Tour Event Shoot – Multi-Party March 12 April 2017 A quick update Day 1 of the Great Fall Phototour – Virtual Tour Visit to Abu Dhabi Virtual Tour of Blink Shop Virtual Tours and Memory Bubbles or 360 degree panoramas Abu Dhabi Photos Visit to Italy 2013 Times Go

Event Shoot – Multi-Party March 12 April 2017

March to he Union Building On the 12th of April I attended the mass rally in Tshwane – marching with the crowd from Prince’s Park in the West of Pretoria City Centre to the Union Building sin the East of the Pretoria City Centre. It was an exciting march with all opposition political parties from […]

Times Go

This page used to be my innovation page for a long time, but in the mean time, life and technology has caught up with me. i hope to still be innovative on this page, but since the last time I posted here, many, many things have happened to me. Photography has taken on considerable significance […]

Abu Dhabi Photos

Here are some of the photos of Abu Dhabi that I made from the roof of the Dusit Thani hotel and in the hotel.

Visit to Abu Dhabi

At the time of writing this posting I am in the Dusit Thani hotel in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi has changed a lot since the last time I have been here in 2008. Much land has been reclaimed, new buildings have been built, old buildings have been refurbished and the city has turned from a […]

Visit to Italy 2013

My recent stay in Italy is highlighted in these albums. The albums contain photos of Mogliano Veneto, Venice and Treviso.   Mogliano Veneto The first Library contains images of Mogliano Veneto, where I was staying. Mogliano is a lovely little town whch is about halfway between Venice and Treviso. The railway line from the coast […]

Italian Visit

Hi Everybody.   Some of you might be aware that I am doing some work in Italy, and that specifically in the region of Venice. I am staying in a little village called Mogliano Veneto (Pronounced Moljano). I have of course been taking gigabytes worth of photos and panoramas, but have not really been able […]

Zandvlakte Farm Virtual Tour

Zandvlakte is a truly interesting project that I took photos for on my recent Fall Tour of South Africa. I had the privilege to spend three days with Pieter and Magriet Kruger who are the owners of Zandvlakte and also a couple who are very active in the Baviaanskloof Farming community. Zandvlakte lies in Baviaanskloof […]

Virtual Tour of Highlands Guesthouse on Day 2 of the Fall Phototour

On my recent tour around South Africa, I stayed over at a lovely Guesthouse in Zastron. The people were so friendly and hospitable and the place is just amazing. I am planning to go back later in the year to do a full Virtual Tour, but here is a Virtual tour of the outside of […]

Day 1 of the Great Fall Phototour – Virtual Tour

The Great Fall Phototour is finally over, and it has sure been fun. Over the next few days we will post panoramas, Virtual Tours, and many, many Photos.   So let’s start with Day 1.

A quick update

Hi everybody! So I have been very busy. I have taken thousands of photos and met hundreds of people. I have also so far taken photos to create around 70 panoramas. Don’t worry – I won’t publish all of those, but tgere are definitely some interesting ones :). I am currently in Gansbaai in the […]

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